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Wednesday Night No-Limit Hold’em Tournament

December 18, 2019 @ 6:15 pm - 11:59 pm

Blinds and Ante Structure
25/50, 0 Ante
50/100, 0 Ante
100/200, 0 Ante
150/300, 0 Ante
200/400, 25 Ante
300/600, 50 Ante
400/800, 75 Ante
-Break (Chip Change)-
500/1000, 100 Ante
600/1200, 200 Ante
800/1600, 300 Ante
1000/2000, 400 Ante
-Break (Chip Change)-
1500/3000, 500 Ante
2000/4000, 500 Ante
3000/6000, 1000 Ante
-Break (Chip Change)-
4K/8K, 1K Ante
6K/12K, 2K Ante
8K/16K, 3K Ante
10K/20K, 4K Ante
-Break (Chip Change)
15K/30K, 5K Ante
20K/40K, 5K Ante
30K/60K, 10K Ante
60K/120K, 10K Ante
Players will draw for seating assignments. No changing seats except when instructed.
Players are always dealt a hand, even if they are not present at the table. Their blinds will be posted for them by the dealer from their chip stack. A player must be at his or her seat by the time the first card is dealt on the initial deal or they will have a dead hand. Players not at their seat when the first card is dealt, may not look at their cards and the hand is immediately killed after the initial deal. Players must be at their seat to call “time.” “At your seat” means within reach of your chair.
A hand has started when the dealer begins the first riffle.
The dealer button remains in position until the appropriate blinds are taken. Players must post both blinds every round.
When consolidating tables, reseated players must move and be dealt in immediately. Players going from a broken table to fill in seats assume the rights and responsibilities of the seat. The only seat in which they cannot receive a hand is between the small blind and the button.
When it is necessary to move a player to keep games balanced, the player due for the big blind will be moved to the short-handed table. Player will be moved into the big blind or the open seat closest to the big blind, in clockwise order.
Registration is open until the end of the first break. Late registrants will be allowed entry to the tournament for one additional level of play after the first break, based on seating availibility. All late registrants will start the tournament with a full chip stack.
When a player is unable to fulfill the amount of the blind, the blind plays short. Action will continue at the established betting limit. If the player wins the hand, the short amount does not have to be made up.
When there is no more betting action because the players remaining in a hand are “all-in,” remaining players hands must be turned face up.
At the final table, if two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, the player with the greater number of chips at the start of the hand will be awarded the higher finishing position.
A penalty MAY be invoked if a player exposes any card with action pending, throws a card off the table, violates the one-player-per-hand rule, or similar incidents take place. Penalties WILL be invoked in cases of soft play, abuse, or disruptive behavior. Penalties will include both verbal warnings and “missed hand” penalties. “Missed hand” penalties will be assessed as follows: The offender will miss one hand for every player at the table at the time the penalty is given multiplied by the number of rounds specified in the penalty; for the duration of the penalty, the penalized player shall remain away from the table. Tournament staff can assess penalties of between 1 and 4 rounds or disqualification. A player who is disqualified shall have his or her chips removed from play. Repeat infractions are subject to escalating penalty assessments.
Re-Entry Tournaments: Players going broke within the first four rounds may re-enter the tournament by purchasing another entry. Players are allowed to re-enter an event an unlimited number of times when seating is available. Players re-entering an event will be seated at a different table and seat unless the only available seat is the one the player just vacated.
Tournament rules prevail whenever applicable, including selected rules from the Poker Tournament Directors Association. In all other cases, standard Oaks Card Club rules shall apply.
Management reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any tournament event if the number of registered participants is deemed inadequate, or for any other reason solely at their discretion. If an event is cancelled all entry fees and buy-ins will be refunded.
No-Limit Hold’em Rules
A raise must be at least the amount of the previous bet or raise. Less than a full raise does not reopen the betting to a player who has already acted.
When raising, a player must either put the amount of the raise out in one motion or state the raise amount. By stating only the word “Raise,” a player protects his right to raise, but the raise itself must still be made in one motion unless the amount is also stated.
When facing a bet (or blind) an oversized chip placed in the pot without any verbal declaration of the player’s intent constitutes a call. Post-flop, an oversized chip placed in the pot by the initial bettor without any verbal declaration of the player’s intent will constitute a bet for the full value of the chip.


December 18, 2019
6:15 pm - 11:59 pm
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